What We Do

Mining is our source of everything we do, if it can't be grown, it must be mined.

Field Service Units

RML Group Mining Services vehicles are fully equipped with the tools and equipment required to carry out a range of on-site repairs, services and maintenance. We also have the capacity to provide service trucks with cranes and welding equipment on board. Our tradespeople are all highly experienced in diagnosing faults, servicing and conducting preventative maintenance. All our vehicles meet the BMA specifications.

Our tradespeople are trained in both ET and SIS and carry on board laptops for accurate diagnostics to allow fast order of the correct parts. We complete the job from start to finish, by organising all of the parts and supplies to ensure the repairs are carried out in the shortest time.

Our fleet is diverse and we equip the vehicles to meet your specific needs. We employ a full-time fleet coordinator who not only manages and coordinates the transfer of vehicles to sites throughout Australia, but also manages the repairs and maintenance on the vehicles.