What We Do

Mining is our source of everything we do, if it can't be grown, it must be mined.

Mine Work

RML Group Mining Services service various mines throughout Australia offering employees a number of roster schedules and positions. All of our employees have up-to-date medicals, inductions and drug and alcohol screens.

We also specialise in running workshops and operating fully maintained departments, that includes supplying supervisors, tradespeople, managers, vehicles and portable mobile workshops to our clients.

Our aim is to provide customers with a solution to meet all their on-site requirements by providing a range of services including heavy diesel fitters, boilermakers and auto electricians. We offer our clients the option to select tradespeople or tradespeople with a fully mine spec vehicle/service truck on a labour hire basis. We carry out shut downs, long and short term contracts, FIFO and DIDO as well as remote area location work.