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Motor Vehicle Policy

RML Group Mining Services provides and maintains a vehicle fleet with a range of vehicle types appropriate to the needs of the company operations. Such vehicles form the organisations vehicle pool and are available for use by authorised personnel for travel associated with the conduct of RML Group Mining Services business / activities. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all RML Group Mining Services employees / contractors understand their responsibilities when operating company motor vehicles.

  • Drivers of company vehicles must be authorised to do so and must hold a current driver’s license.
  • Drivers are fully responsible for the vehicle while it is in their charge.
  • Traffic regulations and bylaws must be observed at all times.
  • All traffic and parking violations are the responsibility of the authorised driver of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must be driven at safe speeds according to the road conditions and within speed limits at all times.
  • Every courtesy must be shown to other road users and pedestrians.
  • The no smoking policy extends to motor vehicles.
  • Company vehicles are serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals and maintained in a roadworthy condition. However, drivers are required to check for obvious defects and report these immediately.
  • Drivers are required to regularly check petrol, tyre pressure and windscreen washer supply.
  • Unattended vehicles must be securely locked.

Approved Drivers

The driver of an RML Group Mining Services vehicle must be an employee / contractor of RML Group Mining Services and the employee / contractor must be fully licensed to drive the classification of the vehicle. People who are not employees / contractors or employees / contractors who are unlicensed or who have a learners licence are not permitted to drive RML Group Mining Services vehicles.

A photocopy of each driver’s current licence is to be provided. This will be kept as a record in the employee’s / contractors file. Employees / contractors are to notify RML Group Mining Services management immediately of any change to the status or validity of the licence.

If a driver is unfit to drive because of ill health, suspensions or cancellation of licence, the driver must advise RML Group Mining Services management. RML Group Mining Services reserves the right to dismiss an employee / contractor who loses his or her driver’s licence if the job required the use of a vehicle and if no other arrangements are available.

Care of an RML Group Mining Services Vehicle

The driver of each vehicle is responsible for the basic maintenance of that vehicle. Basic maintenance should include, as a minimum, monitoring and replenishing vital fluids and lubricants:

  • Fuel;
  • Engine Oil;
  • Coolant;
  • Washer Fluids;
  • Tyre pressure should also be monitored.

The driver is expected to keep the inside and outside of the vehicle clean and presentable at all times.  Stock in vehicles should be kept in good condition and in a tidy order. No alterations, additions or modifications are to be made to vehicles without approval.

It is the driver’s responsibility to bring to RML Group Mining Services immediate attention any fault that could render the vehicle unsafe or un-roadworthy. Vehicles must not be driven when unsafe, un-roadworthy or in a condition that is likely to cause damage to the vehicle. RML Group Mining Services management will notify when a service is due and this will be arranged ASAP.

Fuel Charge Cards

Fuel Charge cards are to be used for the purchase of fuel and oil etc. No miscellaneous purchases are permitted on these cards.

Mobile Phones

It is a traffic offence to initiate or receive calls without the use of approved Mobile Phone Cradles while driving. Drivers must comply with this law at all times.

Odometer Readings

In order to keep accurate records of our motor vehicle fleet it is important that all drivers provide up to date mileage information as requested at the end of each week.


Drivers are responsible for the condition and safe operation of their assigned vehicles. RML Group Mining Services requires drivers to check their vehicles for possible defects and report them according to policy.

The employee / contractor responsible for the vehicle will inspect the vehicle weekly using the Operations Weekly Safety Checklist and Defect Report supplied with the vehicle and forward the report to the Fleet Coordinator.  More frequent inspections and reports may be required based on heavy use.

Traffic Offences and Accidents

Before the commencement of employment a Driver’s Declaration is required to be signed and sent to RML Group Mining Services Management. 

Any traffic violation or offence of any sort committed by an employee / contractor will remain the sole responsibility of that employee / contractor. RML Group Mining Services will not be liable for any fines or penalties as a result of vehicle use by its employees / contractors at any time. The driver of any vehicle who has knowledge of a formal notice of an offence must notify RML Group Mining Services immediately.

The employee / contractor responsible for any vehicle that is involved or suspected of being involved in any accident is to report the accident to RML Group Mining Services management in writing as soon as possible. Note: Where the employee / contractor is negligent, the employee / contractor will be responsible for payment of the insurance premium, which may necessitate the deduction of monies from wages.

Alcohol, Drugs and the Like

An RML Group Mining Services vehicle must not be used by any driver who is affected by drugs, prescribed or social, or alcohol. No employee / contractor can drive an RML Group Mining Services vehicle with a blood alcohol level above the prescribed limit (insurance becomes void), or be under the influence of medication and/or social drugs which may impair performance.

No support will be provided for any employee who suffers any consequences as a result of being in control of an RML Group Mining Services vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An employee / contractor, who is found to be affected by alcohol or drugs, will pay for any damage to the RML Group Mining Services vehicle, other vehicles, people or property as a result of an accident where that employee / contractor is the driver of an RML Group Mining Services vehicle.

An employee who is found to have driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be dismissed.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle owned or operated by RML Group Mining Service.


Any employee / contractor who does not abide by this policy will receive a written warning on the first occasion or may be dismissed. Immediate dismissal could result if an employee / contractor is found to be in control of an RML Group Mining Services vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Dismissal could also result if an employee / contractor steals from RML Group Mining Services or by using the fuel purchase card (if applicable) for private purchases.

If an employee / contractor causes damage to a vehicle through his or her own negligence, then that employee / contractor may be required to pay for the repair of the damage. Failure to comply with the above policies may result in the removal of vehicle usage or disciplinary action including termination of employment in serious circumstances.


This policy will be reviewed annually.

Motor Vehicle Policy Motor Vehicle Policy (183 KB)